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Scott Thaddeus Grant
 ....but you can call me Thadd!

OK, I'm scrapping the hi-tech mumbo-jumbo and just pouring out what I'm about:

I'm in South-coastal Maine; been here forever except for a couple of years in Western NH. I LOVE where I am. The Ocean is just a few hundred yards away, and when the surf's up, I can hear it from my front door.. I cut my teeth on Landscapes and Still Lifes (Lives?) As I grew (translation: AGED, matured?) I gained a knowledge and passion for portraiture.  That led to a desire to learn more on lighting. The Strobist Movement was instrumental in helping me learn location and studio lighting with off camera flashes, both speedlights and strobes. (Too technical? Those little flashes photographers attach to the top of their cameras (or not!) or those monster lights that we shoot into umbrellas, softboxes, etc.). 

Now my main passion is portraiture.  I find it to be the most challenging genre in photography but also the most rewarding.. You need to understand lighting, posing and expression to achieve noteworthy results..

If you'd like some portraiture or product work done, I'd love to work with you. I don't work out of a formal studio, but my lighting gear travels easily, and I can accommodate most locations/situations.  Natural light? Even easier!

You can reach me through the "Contact" tab at the bottom of each page.

     Let's make some Photographic Magic! 

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